By: M. Hills

After being relocated, I needed to sell my home that I bought only 6 months earlier. I knew I would lose money (the cost of acquiring and selling) even if I managed to sell at the same price I purchased. I had used a Realtor friend of mine to buy the home, but knew I needed to find a local expert who could maximize my sale price. After interviewing several top agents, I selected Anthony on the basis of his marketing strategy in combination with his home stagers, handyman, and cleaning crew. I'm very happy I made that choice. The end result after receiving five offers in less than ten days; my house sold for $61k more than I had paid just 6 months earlier. My potential loss turned into an unexpected gain and best of all, Anthony looked after all the details.

By: J. Walker

I was very confident using your services. You have helped my family buy and sell homes many times before. Your knowledge of he real estate market proved reliable and accurate. Selling my mother's home was a difficult decision for me and you made it as quick and stress free as possible. The house was sold for a fair price in less than a week. I am very satisfied and will continue to recommend you.

By: Carol Barron

His knowledge of the market and the strategies he used sold our house in 2 weeks. I would have taken less however Anthony advised us to sign back higher and we got a great price. I felt completely comfortable to leave the sale of the house in Anthony's capable hands. I am a retired Real Estate Broker and I did not know him prior to a reference from a friend. You will not be sorry if you choose Anthony to represent you.

By: R & A Hanimyan

Most agents we've spoken to in the past had either limited experience, acumen, or communication skills. Anthony's consulting covered all the pertinent details of selling our home.. He gave full descriptions behind his strategies and managed to get us 3 offers in 3 days. When it came to negotiating on our behalf...he was like a pit bull.

By: J. Hinton & K. Patriquin

We have used your services in the past and were very satisfied. This time around your services were even better. The biggest benefit was the fact that you were able to attract so many potential Buyers. Our home was only on the market a couple of days and it sold for $36k over asking price. Anthony is a gentleman with lots of experience in the business and knows what he is talking about.

By: John and Julie S.

Our house sold over asking with multiple bids in 5 days while other homes on our street had been lagging on the market. When the winning bidder did not show up with the deposit cheque the next morning, Anthony was proactive and able to deal with the situation without having us endure the stress of it. By the time we got home from work and learned of the situation, he had already secured another firm offer for $11k more than the original winning bid. When things go wrong, and they inevitably do, you need good representation. Anthony handled the sale of our home like the seasoned pro that he is.

By: G. Arbitman

I saved over $3,500 having my mortgage set up through Anthony's Mortgage Brokerage, Lending Station Inc. His valuable insight on how to structure the financing was innovative and cost effective, yet my banker had no idea it could be done. His combined real estate and mortgage services saved me a lot of time and money.

By: Melinda Mossman, Blaney McMurtry LLP (Estate Trustee, 33 Macphail Ave. Toronto)

Having Anthony look after the sale of the home and the property management while it was for sale has given me the extra time needed to settle the estate. The responsibility of inspecting the home on a regular basis and having the snow removed in a timely fashion was something he looked after. It gave me peace of mind that my responsibilities as Estate Trustee were being met and it didn't cost the estate any extra money.

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